Hello guys it's StudyMan99 here. Welcome to my page! This is a WIP right now XD stay tuned for updates!

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Hello guys it's StudyMan99 here! This year has been pretty wild. The exact opposite of last year January. Last year was filled with loss and pain. This year started off really bad though. I was in a lot of pain due to a infection in my gums. A cavity filling fell out of the tooth in the way back of my mouth. It probably was infected for way longer than it hurt. Thankfully as of today I am done taking antibiotic for it so I don't feel much pain anymore. Only the occasional twinges of pain. On the 25th I'm getting a filling in where the tooth was. I feel the best I've felt in a long time XD. Not much else has changed though hopefully good things happen this year XD. Big goal is to leave my parents home because this place is hell XD. I don't talk about it publically too much, but honestly I think it's pretty obvious that I hate my living conditions. It could be worse though as anything can be. It just feels like it gets harder and harder sometimes. Untreated mental illness is uh...not fun to be around XD yah for once I don't mean my own XDDDDDDD. Another goal is to finish more game projects because yeah XD I enjoy creating games and stuff. I have a visual novel cooking currently. Visual novels are like very simple to make in renpy thankfully. A POSTERIORI was way more advanced in every single way compared to this current project so I can really do it XD. I am also extremely hyperfixated on Love Live once again (those who know me understand this.) I love idol anime a lot. It's so wholesome and heartwarming. I deadass was sobbing from listening to Bokutachi wa Hitotsu no Hikari earlier XD. That would be cool to make a game about idols. (StudyMan you know damn well you'd make it dark and twisted.) That's just how I am LOL. I love psychological horror too much. But yes I shall be on my way now. Idk who is reading these little logs/diaries???? but yes XD I hope whoever you are, I hope life treats you well.



It's fun to work on this site from time to time when I'm bored or whatever XD. This year has been really bad but doing creative things has helped a lot. One day I'll get this place looking how I imagined it. Though I'll have to like learn more about HTML to make that happen XDD. On this front page maybe I'll keep a lil diary(?) note thingy like this XD. It's crazy that I made this site in February??? Omg??? I didn't think it was that far back LOL. But yes until next time!