I'm StudyMan99


Age: 22 Birthday: 9/20 (virgo)

Likes: Drawing, listening to music, playing rhythm games, coding (learning still), cold weather, food, walking around in forests, cats and dogs (i want a cat so bad), aesthetics(weirdcore, webcore, glitchcore, Y2K, dreamcore, angelcore), nostalgic things, Check out shrines page for more likes XD

Dislikes: Bugs, Spring and Summer, School (thank god i graduated), my family (besides my older brother), rude people, discord servers, dry skin (chugs lotion), holidays (the only good one is halloween)

Random info: I'm Left handed.

Some things that inspire me are: Yume Nikki, Animal Collective, older anime (Evangelion, Lain, Angels Egg, and more)


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